Beginner, intermediate, and advanced Level SUP Classes and clinics with Freedom Riding SUP for all levels of experience

Beginner Level SUP Classes for First Timers, Let’s Have Fun!

1. Learn all the fundamentals of SUP safety while paddle boarding, as well as extensive description of the SUP equipment from a true board designer/shaper.
2. In this class you will learn all the fundamentals and techniques of Paddle Boarding such as proper stroke and paddle grip, stance and positioning on board, proper posture while paddling, how to turn and control your direction, and much more.
3. We start with a 30 minute clinic on the beach, then we launch you safely into the water and start working on the basics. Before you know it your up and paddling, and enjoying the spectacular surroundings of Mal Pais and the Cabo Blanco Nature Reserve just to the South. There’s no better way to experience this area than this, while at the same time learning this great sport.

Intermediate Level SUP Classes “I wanna try some wave riding”!!

For SUP Wave riders out there who have a good handle on riding waves back home, come and let us show you around the area, we will take you to just the right breaks on any given day. With our 17 years surfing experience on the Nicoya Peninsula, we can guide you better than any one else in the area.

1. The plan is to take you to different breaks through out your stay here.
3. We will take clients to breaks where there are no other surfers or paddle boarders around.
4. We will SUP Wave Ride outer reefs, point breaks, beach breaks, and get to know reef passes.
5. Work on SUP wave riding techniques, style, posture, wave approach and lining up at each break.
6. Learn about the area, and it’s history while touring the various beaches.

Advanced SUP Wave Riding Tours and Clinics.

We have gotten many clients into their first waves, and know the right approach in teaching wave riding skills at just the right pace.

1. We will take you out in conducive conditions for catching your first waves.
2. Learn all about the art of riding waves on a SUP
3. Learn about the history of the Nicoya Peninsula, and see the surrounding area You’ll receive guided tours over the clear waters of Mal Pais and warm sandy beaches of Santa Teresa.

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