Edith Garcia participated in her second ISA World SUP Championships this past week!!! Last year she participated in the same event which was hosted by Nicaragua, while this year ISA choose Sayulita, Mexico to host the event. 2015 marks the 4th annual ISA World SUP Games, which brings together every Nation that has a SUP Team, which is now up to 27 Nations. ISA has created an Olympic style event which has proven to bring the best SUP Racers, and SUP Surfers from all over the world to compete for not only themselves but more importantly for their Country. This year more than the first three years of the events history, proved to draw pretty much all the best in the world (except for Kai Lenny!!)

This is Costa Ricas second participation in the ISA World SUP Championships, and although we have a strong group of SUP Surfers, and SUP Racers, thereís still a lot of hard work and proper training in order for Costa Rica to break the top ten. Costa Rica has finished both years right at 19th out of 27 Nations, which really isnít too bad. Paddle Boarding has only been growing as a sport in Costa Rica in the last three to four years, so we are behind the eight ball a bit. I do feel our SUPers are getting closer to the level of the top SUP Athletes in the world, itís just going to take a few more years to catch up. Hopefully some proper and professional coach training for our SUP Athletes will be in the works through the next year in order to get the CR SUP Selection ready for 2016s ISA Worlds. If not, we will still work on it ourselves the way we have have so far.

Iíve very proud of Edith for not only qualifying for her spot on the Costa Rica SUP Team, but also for her efforts in this event, and for the preparations she took to get ready. Edith took on double duty and competed in the SUP Surfing division, and also the Long Distance Race division. This was actually the first International SUP Surfing event she has ever competed in, and the level of all the women SUP Surfers in the event was through the roof, for sure the best in the world! She surfed two heats in the event in very small surf. She didnít advance to further rounds, but none the less I thought she surfed smart heats, great tactics, caught a lot of waves in both heats, but couldnít find nice open sections to do the turns she needed to get the scores to advance. She found out real quick that she better SUP Surf train in small waves as well, we donít get too many small days here in the Mal Pais/Santa Teresa area, only a couple days a year it gets as small as the wave in Sayulita.

This Long Distance Race was Edithsí third international race, since she competed in last years Worlds, and also the Central American Championships last December (which she took first place in). Her actual results were not what she was hoping for in this years Championships, although she improved upon her performance last year. Last years long distance race was 18 Kms in Lake Nicaragua with no waves and she finished in 2 hours 22 minutes. This years race was 20 Kms and the course went in and out of the surf three times, and she finished 2 hours 20 minutes again, so you can see she has improved. It will now be up to Edith to come back home and commit 100% to improving her skills, so that in next years World Championships she will have an even better showing and get the results she deserves, which I am sure she will do. I also need to commit more to helping Ediths career than I do now and plan on paddle training with her an more of a regular basis, work on video analysis to improve over all technique, and also over all just push her harder (which is a delicate matter since Iím her husband). Weíve learned a lot about proper diet over the last years, but thereís always room for improvements and positive changes there.

Edith got so much out of this second World Championships, it was worth everything we had to do to get her there. Sheís gained so much more valuable experience from racing and surfing against the best in the world, as well as her drawing inspiration from those same ladies. Sheís experienced Mexico, and made bonding relationships with the Mexican SUP Team who helped the Costa Rican team out quite a lot while there. When Edith arrived at Sayulita her race board was quite damaged from the airlines, and the Mexicans helped her get it fixed quick and just in time for the event. She enjoyed her time at the 2015 ISA World SUP Championships so much that I know sheís coming home fired up to keep qualifying for next years event, and if everything keeps going well Iím sure sheíll be competing in this event for years to come.