SUP Costa Ricas Edith Garcia with her new custom race board.

October 22, 2016

We’ve finally been able to produce custom SUP boards right here in Costa Rica, and it’s been a project in the works for some time now, and we are pleased that it’s come to fruition. It all started when we made a few stock SUP Hybrids for our rental line late 2014, and now been able to successfully produce a ultra high performance cusom race board for Edith. Edith is part owner of Freedom Riding SUP Costa Rica, and is also Costa Ricas Womans SUP race champion.

All this has become possible through a collaboration between myself and the owner of “Banzai Factory” Javier Orna. Javier has been making surfboards in Costa Rica for over 20 years now, and in the last years he’s been able to buy a modern shaping machine, and has learned to dominate the Shape 3D design program. So between the two of us shapers, we’ve been coming up with some new designs, and it’s a start to great things.

This new race board for Edith is very advanced with dimensions that are on the extreme side, but that’s the way SUP Race boards are going, if you are a serious SUP Racer. It’s a 12’6 by 25 wide by 4

Edith and I have been able to test ride this new race machine this week, with great results. This board is on a whole other level than our first Surftech stock models which we got started with about two years ago. Those older designs had too much volume and they sit on the water too high and float too much. This new race board sits in down in the water just right with the perfect floatation. It’s a little tipsy of course due to the low volume but once you get stroking there is so much more speed involved that you can control the board nicely.

When paddling this board downwind, we felt a added sensation of glide, being able to catch any bump or swell with very little effort and could carry that speed for longer distances, it has been a truly amazing experience so far, addicting actually.

New and Freshly designed logo

October 22, 2016

Edith and I are very pleased with how our new logo came out. I contacted our Tico friend Adolfo from “Mal Pais Surf Cam”, who does the daily video surf report in Santa Teresa, since he is mainly a talented Graphic Designer in the area. We asked him to help us design some new business cards, company banner/signs, and also new ads for the two local guide magazines (Zoom and Peninsula guide). He did an amazing job, we are very happy with his work. He also re-designed our existing logo, and made it fresher and over all better. We highly recommend his services, and you can contact him here,,,,

Wet Season Sunset

October 22, 2016

Some of the best and most dramatic sunsets happen on the Costa Rica Pacific Side, and usually in the Wet Season

International SUP Race coming to Costa Rica in December

October 22, 2016
Manuel Antonio Stand Up Paddle Games2014

Manuel Antonio Stand Up Paddle Games 2014 consist of 4 events 1. Sprint: Individual, 300m time trial. 2 Head to Head: Heats are made in which the competitors compete against each one. The winner goes to the next key and consecutively until the Final. 3. Slalom / Obstacle: Up to 12 gates and / or obstacles timed. 4. Distance: 1km, 4.5km and 9km The categories are 1 Elite Race, 2 Open Recreation, 3 Junior 11-17 years, 4.Adult-child (up to age 10) in women and men. Date: 13 and December 14, 2014

My new shaping room in Mal Pais

October 22, 2016

This is a project in the making for some time, but has been kept on the back burner. It’s finally a reality, and my good friend Alex (owner of “Marys Restaurant”) and I have built this shaping room in order to shape custom surfboards, and also custom SUP wave riding shapes. No need for a glassing and sanding room, we have “Foley Glassing” down the street doing all that for us, which makes life easier and we can focus exclusively on designing and shaping the best boards we can.

This is the second shaping room I’ve had in the Mal Pais area. Back in 1996 I opened the first ever surf shop in the whole area, and we had a shaping and glassing space out the back of the shop, which I was able to produce over 800 boards in a 10 year period. in 2006 I got a job offer to work on the Resin8 Surfboards project in China, and decided to go for it, just for a change of pace and for the experience. That was a life changing period for me, and my wife, daughter and I enjoyed our Asian experience. I did leave behind the partnership with my ex-partner Aaron, we owned “Mal Pais Surf Shop” together, and leaving to work in China meant bowing out of the surf shop. At the time, there was need for change in my life, and the new and exciting adventure in Asia proved to be a worthy experience, something my family and I will never forget.

When we moved back at the end of 2009 to Mal Pais and started Freedom Riding SUP Costa Rica, I wasn’t shaping for about a year. in 2011 my good friend Alberto Jimenez suggested I could shape at his place in San Jose were he has a back year shaping and glassing factory on his property. I took him up on the offer and would go up every couple months and shape my custom boards, and he would do all the glass work after. It’s been more complicated to do this now, since SUP Costa Rica has been growing and not much time to head up to San Jose and shape. Now we have this new project complete and ready and I can shape my customs at any given time of day when I have time, it’s just down the street!!!

This is the board that got everything started. I shaped it three months ago in Alex’ make shift shaping room in his garage, to get the ball rolling. We had started the first stages of building the shaping room you see above, but it was a ways off until we could finish it completely. Once shaped, I worked out a deal with “Foley Glassing” down the street, and Foley and I glassed and sanded this board from start to finish together, so that he would know exactly how I wanted my boards to be glassed, the whole process. Alex has shaped a few boards since then, and given them to Foley to glass, and they came out very great. So we are very positive about this new relationship with Foley, and feel confident in his craftsmanship.

I shaped this board for myself, it’s what I normally ride in small to medium sized surf here in Costa Rica. It’s a 5’8 by 18 3/4 wide, by 2 inches thick. I make all my own custom shapes with a slight concave “Scoop” deck, love it. The scoop deck has multiple benefits, gives the surfer a lower center of gravity, more stability over all while surfing the wave, makes the “Pop Up” easier to get your front foot in position fast and easy. The scoop deck also fits into your chest better while paddling, forms to the same shape as your body, and I really find it easier to paddle more aggressively when needed, since my body is sort of molded into the board.

If you are wondering why the small fin is in the back, it’s a stabilizer fin. This set up is also referred to as a “Four and a quarter” fin set up, since the back stabilizer is about 1/4 the size of a normal fin. It works best when the waves call for big performance style turns, the four fin set up is always really fast, but sometimes a little stabilizer fin added will create a bit more bite when pumping and pushing for speed.