The last two events on the Costa Rica National SUP Circuit were tough races to participate in, as most of the events on this circuit are. What made them more challenging is the fact we are now in the wet season, and being that the races are held in open ocean, the wet season features stronger swells, currents, and mixed up conditions. This picture above was taken at the Boca Barranca event, and you see Edith powering in the River mouth which looks pretty calm for the most part, but what you donít see is how she had to break through the waves at the river mouth to reach open ocean, and paddle in a mixed up/bumpy conditions outside. Racers had to go in and out of the river mouth/waves three times to complete the 9 Kms race.

Edith won her race at Boca Barranca in challenging conditions, and is looking forward to the last event of the year on August 9th where she could clinch her 3rd National SUP Race Title if she wins. She has had a tough rival this year, Valeria Soto from Tamarindo, who has actually beat Edith twice this year, and Edith and came ahead of Valeria twice as well. So the last event of the year which will be held in Quepos down south will be a very exciting race, as the winner takes the title!!

From this picture above, you can see all the hard work Edith had done in her training, sheís looking so strong, and when you see her paddle in person, itís very impressive the intensity in her cadence and pace. The race board sheís riding is a custom built race board that we designed in collaboration with Javier Orna from the Banzaii Surfboards factory. Itís a very extreme and low volume race board, and is super fast and cuts the water like a knife. Although being so narrow, 25 inches wide, itís tough in bumpy/mixed up conditions, but Edith has incredible balance so sheís not struggling on it much. She says it can be difficult in windy conditions since itís so light which makes it hard to paddle upwind, but down winders are amazing on this board, as it catches any wind chop or swell with ease and carries itís speed like a dream.

The Race before Boca Barranca was actually held right here in Mal Pais! It was the first time in three years that the Costa Rica SUP Circuit decided to post up an event here in our home town. I usually donít get to go to all the events with Edith, cause hey, some one has to stay and run the SUP Lessons and Tours here at Freedom Riding SUP Costa Rica!! But this event was different of course as it was in my own back yard. I was pleased with my performance, almost beating the National Champ ďGeovani EspinozaĒ, I actually had the lead for part of the race, but he over took me on the last lap. The swell was pretty big this day, and a lot of currents out there which made the race very

Edith didnít do so great in this race which was a bummer since it was on home court. She experienced a crash midway through the race, for reasons we now know are due to her not eating before the race, and not getting proper hydration. She learned a big lesson this event, and did our research online about what she needs to be eating before the race, and after. Weíve also gotten her the correct electrolyte power to mix in with the water she puts in her camel pack. What a notable difference itís made just getting the right hydration before and during the training and races. Iíll be for sure competing in the last event of the year, I canít miss this one, with Edith battling it out for the National Title. Iíve also got my sights set on beating Geovani this time around and have been training more than I normally do. Wish us luck peoples!!