SUP Classes and Clinics for all levels

Beginner,  intermediate, and advanced Level SUP Classes  and clinics with Freedom Riding SUP FOR FIRST TIME STUDENTS, HERE’S WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT….. Learn all the fundamentals of SUP safety while paddle boarding, as well as extensive description of the SUP equipment from a true board designer/shaper. We will teach you everything regarding proper Paddle Board technique such as  proper stroke,  correct stance and posture on the board, controlling your direction, how to spot and avoid dangers out in the waters, [...]



Rent a SUP For a Session, or For Your Entire Trip. Freedom Riding SUP in Costa Rica has a variety of different size Stand Up Paddle boards for all levels of experience. We offer a wonderful selection of wave riding SUP boards for the more advanced Paddle Boarders who wish to rent a good wave rider designed for the waves of Mal Pais, and Santa Teresa. We also have bigger sized boards if it’s touring around you wish to do. [...]



   Freedom Riding SUP offers guided tours all over the Nicoya Peninsula, and cater to all levels of Paddle Boarders For beginners looking to learn all about Paddle Boarding, here’s what you can expect…. First session is a  beginners clinic, learning all the fundamentals of Paddle Boarding for a half hour on the beach, then an hour and a half in the water paddling around and perfecting the stroke, stance, posture, positioning on the board, turning techniques, and more. The [...]

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Experience Freedom Riding SUP

Welcome to Freedom Riding SUP, Costa Rica!

Stand Up Paddleboarding is incredibly enjoyable and provides an excellent all body workout. The sport is easy to learn and our tours can be tailored to any skill level. Explore stand up paddling along the beautiful reefs and beaches of Santa Teresa and Mal Pais, Costa Rica.

The Nicoya Peninsula’s lush coastline and clear waters are ideal for stand up paddling. There is no better way to explore the outer reefs while enjoying breathtaking views of the tropical coastline. With infinite coves, every location we take you to will be equally breath taking.

Our excellent knowledge of the Nicoya Peninsula’s coastal region, allows us to take you paddleboarding to a multitude of different locations during your stay. We’ll make sure that your SUP retreat in Costa Rica, is an unforgettable experience. (more…)

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